Why Choose Us

Cost Advantage

Costs are very competitive as compared to other Asian destinations for equivalent medical treatment. The cost of heart bypass and angioplasty is, on average, a-third of what it costs in Singapore and Thailand. The cost of getting a similar treatment in the US is about 8-10 times of its Asian counterparts.

India Advantage

India has been at the forefront of cutting edge medical treatments and options available while still being one of the most affordable healthcare destinations across the world. Over the last decade or so, India has also emerged as a top world medical tourism destination, as it rates high among other major destinations in terms of quality of staff, equipment and healthcare procedures.

India follows the most advanced and rigorous educational system in the field of medicine that translates into the calibre of doctors produced and the quality of care given.

In recent years Indian hospitals - both public owned and private - have invested heavily in improving their infrastructure and equipment. Many hospitals are accredited by global accreditation agencies such as JCI, ISO, and NABH etc. English is widely spoken and understood in India. There are also an ever growing number of convenient, inexpensive to and from India connecting it to all major international locations.

Our Presence

We have actively tied with a group of medical universities and teaching hospitals worldwide providing us with a rich network of doctors and medical professionals. This kind of association gives us access to markets and places both at a macro and grassroots level. It lends us an easy way to keep track of continually changing and ever evolving medical practices to let our customers get access to such options and make an informed decision about matters concerning their health. This directly aligns with our mission to treat patients around the globe.

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